Skylight Replacement Kits

Watch how easy it is to replace old skylights with a brand new Surespan alternative.

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Refurb Kit

What's in the box?

Refurb kits are sold with the rooflight lid of your choice, a refurb frame as well as the relevent fixings, brackets and sealing tape.


What is it compatible with?

Our refurb frames have been developed with retrofitting in mind, therefore it is compatible with most manufacturer upstands and our wide range of sizes ensure we can find a frame to fit you. In terms of cross compatibility our refurb kits can also be provided as a means to modify existing Surespan Polycarbonate Rooflights, converting fixed to openable for example.

Clean Rooflight
Refurb Kit Drawing

How do I know what size I need?

All products listed are based on the structural opening (C), in order to ensure compatibility please check measurement of the existing upstand and place the details in the enquiry form.

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