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Refurb Kits

Refurb kits designed to replace old rooflight using the existing upstand. These premium, all-inclusive kits provide all the parts needed to carry out repairs and alterations to existing skylights.

The replacement frame simply fits on top of the old upstand and fixes into place while a self adhesive tape provides a near air-tight seal to the old curb mount.

What we stock

We manufacture a range of stock based on triple layer rooflights in a selected number of sizes. Available for Immediate despatch.

  • Triple Layer (Clear or Opal) Polycarbonate Glazing
  • U-value of 1.8 W/m2K
  • 22 dB Sound Insulation
  • Low profile Refurb Frame


Stock Sizes

Product Ref. Structural Opening Size Light Area (m2)
0.36.SD.RFK 600 x 600 0.18
0.81.SD.RFK 900 x 900 0.52
1.00.SD.RFK 1000 x 1000 0.67
1.08.SD.RFK 900 x 1200 0.73
1.44.SD.RFK 1200 x 1200 1.04

Bespoke Options

Alternatively, we offer over 30 different sizes available for back order in a wide variety of options. Please expect 6-10 Weeks Delivery for bespoke options.

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  • Suredome Refurb - 800 x 800
  • Triple Clear
  • Standard Dome
  • Fixed Refurb
  • None specified

Sizes Available

Bespoke Sizes

Alternatively we offer up to 30 differents sizes available in any of your desired specifications according to the options below.

Product Ref. Structural Opening Size Light Area (m2) Add
0.36.SD.RFK 600 x 600 0.18
0.50.SD.RFK 500 x 1000 0.26
0.54.SD.RFK 600 x 900 0.30
0.64.SD.RFK 800 x 800 0.38
0.72.SD.RFK 600 x 1200 0.43
0.75.SD.RFK 500 x 1500 0.42
0.80.SD.RFK 800 x 1000 0.51
0.81.SD.RFK 900 x 900 0.52
0.98.SD.RFK 700 x 1400 0.63
1.00.SD.RFK 1000 x 1000 0.67
1.08.SD.RFK 900 x 1200 0.73
1.44.SD.RFK 1200 x 1200 1.04
1.50.SD.RFK 1000 x 1500 1.08
1.54.SD.RFK 1100 x 1400 1.12
1.56.SD.RFK 1250 x 1250 1.14
1.8.SD.RFK 1200 x 1500 1.35
2.00.SD.RFK 1000 x 2000 1.49
2.16.SD.RFK 1200 x 1800 1.65
2.25.SD.RFK.150.150 1500 x 1500 1.74
2.40.SD.RFK 1000 x 2400 1.82
2.50.SD.RFK 1000 x 2500 1.90
2.70.SD.RFK 1500 x 1800 2.14
2.88.SD.RFK 1200 x 2400 2.26
3.0.SD.RFK.100.300 1000 x 3000 2.31
3.00.SD.RFK.120.250 1200 x 2500 2.37
3.10.SD.RFK 1350 x 2300 2.48
3.15.SD.RFK 1500 x 2100 2.53
3.24.SD.RFK.120.270 1200 x 2700 2.57
3.24.SD.RFK.180.180 1800 x 1800 2.62
3.60.SD.RFK.120.300 1200 x 3000 2.88
3.60.SD.RFK.150.240 1500 x 2400 2.93
3.75.SD.RFK 1500 x 2500 3.06
4.0.SD.RFK 2000 x 2000 3.31
4.05.SD.RFK 1500 x 2700 3.33
4.50.SD.RFK 1500 x 3000 3.72
4.32.SD.RFK 1800 x 2400 3.60
4.50.SD.RFK 1800 x 2500 3.76
4.86.SD.RFK 1800 x 2700 4.08
5.1.SD.RFK 1700 x 3000 4.29


Double Layers

Double Polycarbonate Layer

Provides U-value of 2.7 W/m2K for unheated buildings and garages.

Triple Layers

Triple Polycarbonate Layer

Provides a U-value of 1.8 W/m2K for heated buildings and halls.

Quad Layers

Quad Polycarbonate Layer

Provides a U-value of 1.5 W/m2K for offices and residential buildings.

Thermally Insulated

thermally insulated layer

Provides a U-value of 1.0 or 0.83 W/m2K depending on lighting requirements.

Opaque Thermal

Opaque Thermal dome

Limits light transmission to provide U-value of 0.61 W/m2K



Reflects infrared light and heat radiation.

Refurb Kits

Standard Dome

PVC Upstand

Our standard Dome refurb kits are designed to replace similar dome skylights from other manufacturers using the existing upstand.

AOV Refurb

PVC 300 Upstand

Our standard AOV refurb kits are designed to replace damaged smoke vents while allowing compliance to EN12101-2.

Circular Refurb

GRP 150 Upstand

Our standard circular refurb kits are designed to replace circular skylights from other manufacturers. Available in nominal sizes: 600, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000.

Glazed Refurb

300mm GRP Upstand

Our standard Glazed refurb kits are designed to replace similar dome or glazed skylights from other manufactures using the existing upstand.

Refurb Applications

Fixed Rooflight

Basic electric opener

Our no frills, high quality rooflight without any additional extras. Sold with all the parts necessary for fitting.

Ventilated Rooflight

Electric Opener 300mm

Refurb kits sold with a 280mm manual spindle which allows daily ventilation. Also available with an electric opener.

Convert Fixed to openable

Electric Opener 500mm

These conversion kits are sold to modify existing fixed surespan rooflights to ventilation with the help of a 280mm Manual spindle.


Rooflight Blinds

Rooflight Blinds

Remove glare from sunlight and minimises heat input. The fabric is white (RAL 9016) and comes in transparent or opaque finish.

Blackout Blind

Blackout Blinds

Provides complete black-out of light. The textile is a composite plastic, UV resistant and flame retardant. Fitted to a white aluminium frame.

Fall Protection

Fall Through Protection

Protects against falling through a rooflight. Grid made from galvanised sheet steel powder coated in any standard RAL Colour.

Intruder Protection

Intruder Protection

Protects against fall through or burglary access. Made of resistant mesh inserts in steel alloys. Fits Surespan and all other upstands.

Attachment Point

Attachment Point

To connect ManSafe personal fall through protection equipment. Suitable for all sizes above 1000mm x 1000mm.

Membrane Connection

Membrane Kit

Factory cut aluminium profiles designed to fi perfectly under the rain apron for enhanced security and a long life.

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