Circular Skylights

With the Circular rooflights, we have produced a distinctive product of unrivalled design, the smooth edging of the glazing which requires no screwed connections only acts to reinforce this statement. Available with an electric opener or fixed, this is an ideal solution for creating a unique style inside and out.

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Circular Dome Skylight

Fixed sky light

Circular Fixed Roof Dome

The sleek profile of the fixed skylight provides a stylish and functional application, our fixed domes use slim line internal fixings secured to the sides of the frame rather than external top mounted security fixings.


Ventilated Circular Roof Dome

Designed for those in need of roof ventilation and natural light. These premium polycarbonate ventilation systems are manufactured to high standards to ensure the best performance is achieved. The manually operated sky light provides up to 280mm of lift for simple yet stylish ventilation. Electrical operation is also available.


Ventilated sky light
Circular Glazed

Circular Glazed Rooflight

For an even greater premium aesthetic, we have recently designed a flat, circular glazed skylight. The glazing has a seamless finish with a unique frame sealant which allows water to run off. While the glazing allows enhanced thermal efficiency, light transmission and better sound insulations.


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