Polycarbonate Rooflights & AOVs

Surespan Rooflights are an innovative and reliable natural daylight solution for both commercial and domestic projects.
Our polycarbonate skylights and AOVs offer a contemporary design and excellent energy saving properties.

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  • Dome Skylight
  • Vent Skylight
  • AOV

Polycarbonate Rooflights, Skylights and AOV's

With SUREDOME skylights, we have produced a premium yet affordable rooflight. Our flat roof sky lights are sold in a variety of specifications including fixed, ventilation, exit hatch, high specification glazed and more. The triple polycarbonate glazing offered as standard on our domed roof lights provide remarkable thermal efficiency, and paired with our 150mm thermally broken PVC curb upstand ensures excellent performance whatever the weather.

Our rooflight frames have been developed with the utmost precision and care. The thermally separated frame uses multiple sealed compartments for enhanced efficiency and sound isolation.

With a range of sizes available off the shelf for immediate dispatch and unrivalled customer service we will not disappoint. We also offer a wide range of bespoke options which include up to 30 sizes in a variety of configuration including 4 layer glazing, thermal insulation, several upstands in sizes up to 500mm and numerous accessories.

Dome Rooflight

Dome Skylights

Our standard roof dome paves the way for the rest of our products, it is the undisputed all-rounder available in a wide range of specifications.

Automatic Opening Vent

160° AOVs

Building on from our standard Dome, the AOV features CE Marked, EN12101-2 certified performance and a robust 160° opening 24v DC Actuator for excellent smoke extraction.

Glazed Rooflight

Glazed Skylights

With a superior finish, these double glazed flat roof skylights build upon the success of the SUREDOME but offer exceptional performance and an unrivalled contemporary design.

Circular Rooflight

Circular Skylights

These unique circular domes have been designed with the glazing integrated into the frame improving security and aesthetics by eliminating the need for external security fixings.

Pyramid Rooflight

Pyramid Skylights

With performance Identical to our flat roof domes, these pyramid shaped skylights allow for a different approach to daylight aesthetics.

Skylight Replacement Kit

Replacement Kits

Replace roof domes with a brand new Surespan skylight without the need to change the existing upstand. These refurb kits provide everything that is needed to easily replace an old skylight.

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CPD seminars

Surespan CPD Seminars

Surespan has been specialists in the access and escape industry for over 25 years and have provided roof exit solutions to projects across the world. To share our wealth of experience, we are developing a series of CPD approved seminars aimed at architects and specifiers.

Our latest seminar, entitled ‘Access and Escape’ covers the following topics:

  • Access and escape from buildings and underground car parks
  • Information on EN12101-2 and CE marking
  • Access equipment operation & control systems

The seminar is free and would be presented at your premises at a time to suit you. It lasts around 45 minutes and includes product demos, legislative documents and literature.

Meeting The Right Standards

Surespan Rooflight's range of AOV products are CE certified to EN12101-2, meeting industry standards.


Surespan Rooflights are members of National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers.


Home Owners

Rooflights for Home

Surespan polycarbonate rooflights combine the highest security standards with an excellent thermal performance. Our products are easy to install, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and compatible with any existing upstands.

The sleek profile provides a stylish and functional natural daylight solution with life expectancy of up to 25 years. If you are a home owner, call us and we will help you select the right roof window and guide you through the installation process.

Architects & Specifiers

Rooflights in Architecture

Our wide range of high quality rooflights is suitable for any architectural development project, whether it's a residential house or a commercial property.

We make sure that our products meet and exceed UK building regulations, so you can rest assured that our skylights are safe, functional and reliable. Our range of Smoke Ventilators also ensure a practical solution for heat and smoke extraction, since Surespan 160° vents are all CE marked to EN12101-2 standards.

Building Contractors

Rooflights in Construction

Our rooflights are easy to install and come with a clear installation instruction. We are also readily available to offer you technical support and guidance whenever required.

All Surespan Rooflights are compliant with latest building regulations in terms of thermal performance, air-tightness and non-fragility. Our automatic opening vents are also CE certified to EN12101-2. Our stock standard sizes can be delivered to anywhere in UK within 48 hours from placing an order.